World Cower Series: Tournament King

Main Event WSOP celebrated its 50th anniversary and evolved from the poker dispute of seven enthusiasts in a grandiose event of the world scale for half a century. Nowadays, about eight thousand players take part in the main event of the unofficial championship of the World. And if you add nearly a hundred Side-Intaee, to the World Series to Las Vegas, tens of thousands of pointers from all over the planet come to the world series.

It is no wonder here is an opportunity to raise serious fortune.

Hosin Ensan – WSOP MAIN Event Champion 2019. Photo: WSOP

Ask at least Khosin Ensan, who in 2019 the champion bracelet decorated a check for ten million dollars. And here is the largest couch in the main poker tournament from the unlimited Haldem tore Jamie Gold in 2006. The guy with "Gold" surname won twelve million.

Doyle Branson – Two Main Event Champion. Photo: Wikipedia

Patriarchs by Johnny Mosa, Doyle Branson, Johni Chen and Stu Anger In their Triumph times, such sums were not dreaming. However, each of this quartet was able to conquer the main event of the world series of poker more than once.