How to get rich from scratch: a strategy of playing in freereles

Frirols are poker tournaments for which you don’t have to pay a contribution. At the same time, you can win quite real money from a few dollars to several tens, and the hundred. Although for this will have to defeat thousands of rivals.

A lot. And there are several reasons for that. Such tournaments allow you to gain the necessary experience without risking. In addition, even by flying out of freezers without prizes, you get the opportunity to analyze your game, to eradicate mistakes and to raise your own level. Tai in the fryrols can really win and, without putting a penny, get a base for your own bankroll, which will later allow you to count on serious prizes. Here are some strategies that will increase your chances in free tournaments.

Strategy 1. Aggressive start

There are many variations of this approach but the essence is one. It is necessary to use all your chips in the bank as soon as possible. Why? For so do everyone else. You probably saw in tournaments how 5-6 players put Ol-in. In such a scenario, if you play a solid talent poker, then waiting for a beautiful hand, often be opposed to rivals with much larger stacks. So they will be able to stab your AA with any two cards. So, at such an aggressive table, you should try to go Ol-in yourself in one of the first distribution. Although losing your head at all is not worth it. If you exhibit with ace then let the kicker be at least a dozen. If you decide to go to Ol-in from the Conctor (7 8, 9 10), then they should be single.

The advantage of such a strategy is that you save time and energy. Lost in the first hand? Not scary because you have lost nothing and can try your efforts in another tournament. If you managed to increase the stack several times, then the chances of getting into prizes will increase significantly.

Frirols – a chance to start a career / Bitcoingg

Strategy 2. A solid tait

It is a direct opposite of the first strategy and it can also work, though less often. Since you know that every player at the table seeks to rapidly increase their stack, sometimes it makes sense to just wait for a monster in your own hand. But if you have already waited for a good hand or got into the flop – play as aggressively as possible. A good idea is to put against the big stacks that can stab you in freezers just from boredom.

The purpose of this strategy is to play a frill in a style that brings maximum success and in tournaments for money. Let it not always work in free competitions but can be a good workout before moving to the next level.