Daniel Negrean told how he wandered at the start of a poker career

Icon poker and one of the most successful players in the history of Daniel Negrean mentioned the tumultuous nineties when both millions were not on account and the level of his game left to be desired. In Podcast "A Conversation with" Canadian, based on his own experience, shared a recipe for incredible success.

He made his choice in favor of the Negrean intellectual game at the age. The risky step seemed to be justified. At least at the beginning of Daniel is well established in poker circles in Toronto.

By accumulating a good bankrol, future "Kid Poker" went to conquer the main poker location-Las Vegas. Ambitious 21-year-old pokerist, however, quickly lowered from heaven to earth.

Daniel Negrean. Photo: Online Poker

The first few months me stable "They gave kicks". Sometimes, he left a casino with 4 bucks in his pocket and thoughts-what am I still unmistakable.

But every morning, after the failed sessions, the new moon found the strength not to leave poker. Negrean listened to his senior colleagues, analyzed, studied and made conclusions from his mistakes. The start of his career Daniel compares to boxing where he is an athlete Anderrdog.

You are steadily beating on your head, and you absorb the kicks and do not fall until you learn to dodge.

Daniel Negrean (right) and Jamie Kennedy (left)

The main thing, the Negrean emphasizes, never relax and lose a sense of reality, even if great success comes. And he to a persistent Canadian came. Already at the beginning of zero poker achievements of the Negrean were measured by seven -digit numbers. Today, however, Daniel’s total prize prizes only overcome $ 42 million in living tournaments.

There is no lacking in the Collection of Canadians and Titles, in particular, a poterist won 6 bracelets of a world series of poker. He was a close Negrean and the title of World Champion, and Daniel’s Wsop Main Event, Daniel considers the most difficult blow in his poker quarry.

Negrean was Chip leader when there were only 12 participants in the game among 613 players. But ominous "The coin", When Ak Daniel did not stand in front of his pocket 66, crossed out the dream.

When I left the tournament in my head thought – throw those damned 64 thousand in the trash. I did not do that but for a few more days could not come to mind.

After all, this and other failures taught Negrean not to give freedom to emotions. Nowadays Daniel at the poker table is unrealistic to get out of himself and as difficult it is "read". Above the poker faces, remembers Canadian, at one time worked well.

Daniel Negrean. Photo: Pocket Fives

In the first years of living game, I chose a banal but effective way to not give the opponent the power of my hand through behavior. I concentrated on a particular map on the table and did not look out of her eye, holding his breath

Still skill "read" emotions, gestures and movements, convinces Negrean, a good trump card in offline. Actually, this game virtue has repeatedly rescued the legendary Canadian and helped to build a fantastic poker career.