All cartridges – sedentary: poterist unsuccessfully charged 43 entrances of $ 1,000 in one tournament

This year Scott Siverser won his 4 wsop bracelet in his career. Regular $ 320,000 American tried successfully to invest in the next event – Flip Tournament&Go with bay-in 1 000 dollars. This event is distinguished by a unique format that gamblers like.

Essence Flip&Go in the fact that all players take 3 cards and they automatically go to the Alll-in. The dealer opens a flop then every player must reset 1 card. Next opens Torn and Riveer. The winner automatically goes to the decisive stage of the tournament where prizes are played.

Scott Siverser couldn’t put up with what he was not happy. Every time the other player passed to the next stage, American Hiroler paid 1,000 dollars again and again for re -entrance. He was fond so much that he lost $ 43,000.

In total, there were 1 256 participants in the tournament who played a prize fund 1 117 840. In order to overlap your expenses, Scott had to take at least 5th place. But no giving he has ever won. Twice managed to gather street, but the rivals on River closed Ful House.