The big “circus” again in the game

The founder of the famous "Circus Du salts" Gui Laliberta finally said goodbye to his brainchild. Canadian billionaire sold the last 10 % of the company’s shares and is ready to concentrate on your favorite hobby – poker.

What is no more than entertain. It is rumored that from 2006 to 2012 Canadian fat "He lowered" at oval tables more than $ 30 million. But these failures did not repel Lalibert’s desire to stay loyal to your favorite game.

In 2012, an enthusiast founded his own poker tournament for selected Big One For One Drop. Ient ticket cost a million dollars that was a non -cape record at the time. Another record – the highest amount of the prize – made the winner of the grand tournament. Antonio Esfandari put in his own pocket unprecedented over $ 18 million.

Guy Lalibert. Photo: CDNPOKERCHICK

Interestingly, the founder Big One For One Drop in that tournament didn’t grab the rear. Gui Lalibert finished fifth by taking $ 1.834 million. So far it is the largest achievement of a Canadian in poker and a crumb in the context of his investment in the game. True, his last word rich has not yet said. Lalibert’s wealth "Forbes" estimates at $ 1.1 billion. So the stock to be revered, the weirdo is still.