What to look at the holidays: films about poker with a sign of quality

Winter holidays – traditionally time to view "One at home" or "Harry Potter". But if you are fond of crap, we advise you to pay attention to the selection where everyone will find something for themselves. Here are the films of completely different genres collected.

"Honey Moon in Las Vegas" (Honeymoon in Vegas, 1992)

Genre: comedy, melodrama

Nominations: best movie, best male role (Nicholas Cage)

A movie in which Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker. He is a private detective. She is the love of his life. However, Jack does not marry Betsy who gave such promise to his mother. Girl this situation does not suit, and in the end the couple goes to Las Vegas to get along.

On the wedding day, Jack comes to visit the poker game to the criminal authority and the owner of Casino Tommy Corman. He loses the amount of money he just doesn’t have. Then Tommy proposes to repay the card debt outstandard – give it to him "for rent" his bride.

"Great game" (Molly’s Game, 2017)

Genre: drama, biography

Nominations: best female role (Jessica Chesain), the best script

Film "Great game" removed by Molly Bloom’s autobiography. The girl arranged in the United States expensive underground games with the participation of billionaires, criminal authorities and Hollywood stars. This picture will like even people far from poker. The film director Aaron Sorkin has already been successful with "Schuler" and "21".

This movie is based on real events. All players at tables have prototypes in real life. For example, in one of the scenes a man loses $ 1,000,000 per evening. His real name Houston Kiartis.

"A strange couple" (The ODD Couple, 1992)

Genre: comedy

Nominations: best male (Jack Lemmon), best male (Walter Mattau), best movie

Friends’ company is going together to relax and play poker. But the game is just a reason to get together. Evening is approaching completion, and Felix Auger (Jack Lemmon) is not all. It turned out that his wife drove him out of the house and filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage. During the movie becomes clear why. This film will like lovers of light comedies with witty jokes in dialogues.

"Gaming house" (House of Games, 1987)

Frame from the movie / Photo IdrawonMywall.com

Genre: Thriller

Nomination: The best scenario

Margaret Ford (Lindsey Kraus)-Psychiatrist, best-seller author. The girl writes a lot, conducts therapy and constantly smoke. A ludman’s guy who allegedly owed $ 25,000 comes to her to reception and can now be killed.

Subsequently, the girl gets acquainted with Mike – a porester who was owed by her client. In the account of debt closure he asks to help her read the emotions of rivals and give him a certain sign. Margaret is wrong and now she’s guilty of Mike’s money.

Later it turns out that all this story with Mike and Debt is a clearly thoughtful plan. Margaret becomes a victim of a scam and decides to write a new fraud book. This film is included in Stanley Kubrik’s favorite films as well as up to one thousand best films by New York Times.