Fyodor Holtz’s “Svita”: People who helped the poerist achieve incredible success

Fyodor Holtz is one of the best pokerists in the world in recent years. In addition to the success in the offline where the German poterist won the WSOP title, he also impresses in online tournaments.

These successes could not be if Holtz did not create good conditions for development. One of the most important moments is to have the right environment, – the poterist convinces. On his YouTube channel Fedor posted a video where he introduced the audience to those who most influenced his brilliant career.

Friends at the beginning of a career

After a period of dating the game first Holz’s friends from the online coil became David "Playinwasted" Kaufmann and Adrian "Booster". Common interest in the game quickly grew into true friendship.

Adrian became a very close person for me. We visited each other and also went on our first poker journey. From the point of view of friendship and poker it was a fantastic time,
– said Fedor Holtz.

When he had not yet bankrolrole, Adrian helped him with personal expenses and borrowed $ 3,000 per game. David’s future Hiroller studied all about poker. They went to EPT to Barcelona, ​​and later his young teacher and friend won $ 1,493 499 at Wcoop’s Main Event in 2013.

Fedor Holtz / Photo PokerNews

At that moment, Holtz had never had a Bankrole of more than $ 5,000. He played tournaments with average bay-in $ 40. It was friends who gave him the help that he could focus on development and invest in his game. In 2014, Holtz has already won over one million dollars in the Wcoop series tournament.

German poker community

A special group of people who helped Fedor Holts to become one of the strongest poresters in the world is German professional players. Here he noted Rainer Kempe, Cora Aldemira, Steffen Zontheimer, Ben Rolle and Julian Thomas.

In 2014, we shot the house and played there for 4 weeks there in Cash and MTT. I have never played more than then. I have never studied more than there,
– mentions Fedor Holtz.

Also Fedor Holtz noted his mental trainer Elliota Row. There was no man in his career with whom he worked so long and intensively. Their cooperation began in 2015, when Holz had a decline in the game. Elliot returned his confidence and helped to see the essence of the game in the future. It was about acting step by step, making the right decisions and then there would be results. In Feder Holtz’s career, everything happened.