Crazy Money: Painter Phil Helmut will try to win $ 1,600,000 in a few hours

First in the 5th round of the show High Stakes Duel Phil Helmut was supposed to meet Scott Siver in the Rewanch match in August. But the opponent for unknown reasons gave up. Another American professional player Jason Kun suggested his candidacy for this match.

The show of the show at this stage is $ 1,600,000. Each participant introduces $ 800,000 bay-in. The bid for both players is unequal because Helmut will be able to pick up money in the event. According to the Rules of the show, players cannot pick up the entire amount until they win 3 matches in a row.

Poker fans are waiting for this duel looking forward. Phil Helmut is one of the world’s most famous poterists, a record holder by the number of WSOP bracelets, having over $ 30,000,000 prizes in live tournaments. Jason Kun is also popular Hayroller, who ranks 7th in the list of the richest poreserists of the planet with winning in live tournaments over $ 40,000,000.

Helmut’s success in hedz-opa guarantees him the title of winner of the show. In the event of Kun’s victory, they will have to meet again, but for $ 3,200,000. In the first two seasons High Stakes Duel, Phil Helmut Winch beat Antonio Esfandiars and Daniel Negrean.