From the set – for a poker table in search of love

In 1995, Jennifer Tilly was nominated for an Oscar for the best female role in the tape in the tape "Balls over Broadway". About Phil Laaka then no one even heard in a poker community. The young Irishman mastered the profession of engineer and did not connect his future with an intellectual game.

Everything changed at the beginning of zero and it was at one of the tournaments in 2004 that Phil Laka met with Hollywood star. The actress, by the way, is 14 years older than his chosen! But left no chance "Unabomber" Due to their charisma. Phil taught Jennifer mastery, Tilly, instead, took the role.

Phil Laka and Jennifer Tilly. Photo: Getty Images

Sophisticatedly dressed, should be said, the pokerist never learned. But his beloved material has mastered well. Less than a year after Makaka Tilly’s acquaintance won the World Cower Bracelet. And in general, live tournaments collected more than a million dollars of prize.

Phil Laak also does not graze the rear in his profession. In the Irish asset is almost $ 4 million in prize and he continues to actively play poker like his beloved. A couple does not hide – healthy competition in your favorite game continues to light fire in their personal relationship.