Kevin Rabichou became the main legend of hedz-up poker

After a month of tense cache battalions with high rates within the LEGENDS SHOWDOWN project, American Kevin "Krab24" Rabichou issued the unofficial title.

In the trunk final match of Rabichou competitions, Pauli Airas from Finland, whom, by the way, was considered a favorite of confrontation. And Finn first really escaped forward, but lost a large bank on bluff. Airas of Q-4 was betting on all the streets of the 9-10-K-7 board, but Rabichou invariably answered with its 9-10 and won about 20,000 euros in this distribution. The first match ended at 750 arms mark and an American advantage of 46 442 euros.

Despite the fact that in the second match in the benefit of Kevin there were several coolers, at the end of this segment of duel Airas managed to reduce his gap a little – to 33.5 thousand euros. At the beginning of the third match Pauli still escaped thanks to another Q-Q cooler against j-j.

Finally, when only 250 handouts were left for the finish line for 20,000 euros and it would seem. However, at first Rabichou caught a set from 8-8 vs.8-10, then he closed a hutshot with 8-6, and ended with all the true poker classics. Q-Q American standing against A-k Fina. Three matches and 2250 played hands ended with Kevin Rabichova’s victory with an advantage of just over 10,000 euros. In addition to unconditional recognition from Rabichov’s colleagues received 40 thousand euros for victory in the tournament, and another 100,000 he won his own at the tables. Pauli Airas generally remained in plus for 50 thousand euros.