Extreme poker with bulls – the main thing to survive: video

Usually the main ones "predators" In poker is called "sharks". Like, they hunt on small weak "Fish". And there is in this game in cases where the greatest threat goes from… bulls. Then at the horse put not only money far away.

Under "The greatest threat goes from bulls" We do not mean to be the rusty brazen opponents. No. Take everything literally. It’s really about real healthy bulls. At the same time, even angry.

This, so to speak, fun is a common matter for several US regions. How exactly someone came to the mind to play poker in the middle of a rodeo – unknown for sure. But the most interesting thing is that the brave men who agree to such proposals.

Of course, the company of huge dangerous bull changes the rules of the game slightly. Just win a handling or even knock out an opponent from the game – not enough. The winner is announced by someone who "survived". That is, the last of the tables at the table. Preferably not very damaged.

And the injuries here, as you may have guessed, is not uncommon. The American version of the Spanish Cutting regularly ends with heavy damage to the participant. Moreover, here they are also encouraged to stroke an angry animal. Or better to tear something out of her ammunition. Most often, such brags then take out of the arena.

Angola Prison Rodeo. Photo: Racked

The most famous poker rodeo US is a bug in prison "Angola". It’s in Louisiana, near San Francisco. There such fun organize since the middle of the last century. Interesting that over time "Angola Prison Rodeo" evolved from local entertainment for imprisoned to a completely profitable business. The management of the institution built tribune. Viewers, by the way, gathers a lot.

What started more than 50 years ago as a regular fun for prisoners – now a real festival.