Couple per 100,000 dollars: Painter Landon Tais is going to live all year at the hotel

Young Florida guy Landon Tys in 2020 won the MSPT Main Event with $ 202,000 prize. It saw the future poker star, because the 21-year-old player quickly went from microlimites to hi-steaks. And soon it turned out that a new "The prodigy" also a good showman.

The 23-year-old pointer is not the first time arranges a couple. This time Landon Tais is going to spend the whole year in Bally’s Casarian Hotels in Las Vegas. At first he jokingly discussed this topic with Patrick Leonard and then decided to put a serious couple on $ 100,000. Its conditions are still discussed but many details are already known.

Landon will live all year long in the territory of the Bally’s Hotel. Food and housing pays alone, he can’t get out of the hotel. It is allowed to go to the cafe, gyms and swimming pool, go to the balcony of your number, but with only one foot (interesting who will follow it). Of course, playing poker in casino he is also allowed.

Landon Tais doesn’t hide what wants to create a whole show on this. The guy will shoot video blogs and create "viral history". It can be assumed that even in the event of a couple victory, a 23-year-old poker will still remain "In the minus", After all, hotel accommodation will cost more than $ 50,000.