Poker as a family business: a married couple earned $ 34,000 per evening

Actually, Murman is a generally one of the most successful tournament online players. Having earned a career over $ 16 million in prize, it ranks fifth in history. So it is not surprising that his wife knows well what and how to do at a poker table. Katie proved this during the WSOP Circuit prestigious series tournament.

The competition gathered 612 entrances and Lindsay was able to break through to the hedz-app, where she met with … her own husband. It was Chris and Katie who had to find out the winner of the tournament in a personal duel. The intrigue was added by the fact that none of them still won the WSOPC champion.

One way or another, the experience still took his and Murman, stepping on his throat with feelings, overpowered his wife:

These were the most amazing feelings for my whole poker career. Katie has repeatedly said how much she wants to win this trophy. For me the same Wsopc ring was not so important. So I had to overcome myself in psychological plan to just not succumb to Katie.

And, after all, who would not win the Head-Apa Family Budget of the Murman-Lindsei couple replenished for almost $ 34,000: 19 500 for first place and 14,400 for the second place.