The richest poker in the story. Brina Kenny’s incredible breakthrough

33-year-old American professional Brin Kenny unexpectedly became one of the main figures of poker. 2019 year gave him the official status of the most successful player of living tournaments in history. The amount earned by Brin’s prize exceeded for $ 56 million.

Kenny’s story is quite typical. In poker American came from other card games. New York native in time has stopped that serious money was waiting for him in king.

Brin’s more or less prominent player became in 2010. Then he won about one million dollars in two weeks. And it went. American doris to the status of a star. In the summer this year he took second place in the most expensive tournament in the history of Triton Super High Roller. Kenny earned $ 20.5 million in London.

Brin Kenny. Photo: carschat

Brin – of those people who are not licking in their pockets. Before going to the first step of the rating of poterists who made the most money in the offline, he frankly admitted that he always knew: would be on top. So added that no one will give to anyone his leadership.

But at the table during the game Kenny usually once again the mouth does not open. It is focused on the process. American loves all sorts of precious jewelry, watches. And what, can afford. Brin Kenny is a bright and extraordinary person. Him either love or hate.

Brin Kenny. Photo: Pokerstrategy

At this time, Kenny ahead of the closest competitor in the ranking of the most successful poker – Justin Bonomo – for seven million dollars. 2019 year is the most successful in Brina’s career. And reason to doubt that he really fulfills the promise and will occupy the first step of the list of successful poresters – no.