Casino worker helped to deceive players for $ 30 million … He was not even fired

We will remind, the American professional Michael postla was accused of "Too good game" in a live tournament that was also broadcast live.

Mike regularly entered a game with frankly bad cards and him "They came" Combinations are required. Looked as if the postl knows which maps would now fall on the table. Moreover, the American was not ashamed to be frankly mocking opponents, charming.

The investigation believed that one of the casino representatives provided postla information about "Hands" opponents and probably cards that will fall on the table. Note that the lion’s share.

A collective lawsuit against an American made up to 88 players. The amount of refund is $ 30 million. True, proving the blame failed. Most of the victims agreed to Mirov, under the terms of which are not allowed to publicly accuse Michael.

A loud and dirty story little forgotten as a new mini-scandal broke out. The American press convinces that the casino, where the postl checked the potential accomplice of the crime (his name during the investigation and litigation did not advertise). Rumo "Stonez" Justin Kuraitis. It has been working at the company since 2013. The first accusations against Kuyratis began to be heard last October last year. But he was removed from work only in March 2020, and even through quarantine.

This story has resumed interest in the case of a fraud of postla. Michael himself assured that a documentary will soon be published, which "will fully prove his innocence".