Saturday Night’s Alright (for fighting)

GusGus at Reykjavik Art Museum

Well I’m back home now and still in need of substantial amounts of sleep after Airwaves. But why exactly am I so sleep-deprived I hear you ask? Well I shall endeavour to remember… Our Airwaves Saturday started with us stumbling to Hresso to see Elephant Stone, a Canadian band that rocks the sitar, which Katie had seen the day before and insisted we check out (they were rather good when we finally did see them).

Random Recipe

But! The timings had gone to cock and we wandered into a stunning set by Random Recipe, wholly more ballsy energetic live than the mediocre youtube clip I’d seen of them pre-festy. Rapper & Beatboxer Fab bounced, jumped, yelled and grinned her way through each song joined in no less equal measure by Frannie on guitar who sang with such passion I thought she’d fall off her seat more than once. Definitely a must-see live and I think possibly my pick of the day for sheer unexpected intensity, freshness and fervour. After the gig we bumped into Haukur from Reykjavik!, and editor of the Reykjavik Grapevine, who tipped us off he’d be playing with Ben Frost at Kaffibarrinn in his performance of Music for 6 Guitars. Kaffibarrin was totally packed, very overheated with toasty bodies of fans, and the best view I could get of the 6 guitarists was this steamed up little snippet:

 Kaffibarrinn Fuzz

Ben Frost does with sinister industrial noise-scapes what you’d expect from someone who has moved from the sunny climes of Australia to the dark winters of Iceland  – intense and twisted, yet strangely warm and soothing, his 6 guitars mesmerised and enveloped us all.

After a bit of a treat involving Icelandic lamb, Arctic Char, and 2 glasses of house red at Sjávargrillið (yum), we found ourselves in Faktory for Ghostigital whose intense and near-maniacal performance was as magnetic as I remember from last year, and kinda set the tone for the rest of the night as it was spent dashing between various venues in 101 and dancing about like a lunatic –

The Beardy Boys’ Queue

probably missing as much as we saw but we had electro in our feet and people to meet at Gus Gus which I’d love to be able to tell you more about but I’d had quite a lot of gin by this point and all I can say is that, as long as you avoided the main street of Laugavegur (whose atmosphere in the early hours of Sunday morning suddenly turned decidedly spiky and aggressive), it was an awful lot of fun. And I managed to collar 2 more Icelandic musicians for A Negative Narrative, plus one look-alike who was very nice about me thinking he was Someone Else Entirely.


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