Back on Tarmacked Land

Sorry for not posting about my African explorations for the last few weeks. For my last 2 weeks in Kenya I’ve not been able to get to an internet cafe, mainly cos I snuck off to spy on elephants in the Maasai Mara, visited a really remote healthcare dispensary, and then legged it to the sunshine of the Coast at UNESCO biosphere reserve in Mida Creek.

But more on all of these soon. I just need a little while to adjust to not having to travel for half an hour on the back of a motorbike or a sensory overloaded minivan on a “road” made of what can only be described as boulders and dust, to get anywhere. But there were lots of nice things too, so here is a picture of a shrew with a ginger bum I took at 6am before I left:

Snuffle.. You can’t see me and my ginger bum.


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  1. Katie

    Did someone say ginger?!

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