Leeds and Beasts


Team Counterfeit! Sam & I enjoy festival cider & a curry. Slurp. (Photo courtesy of the also very lovely fictionalfuture)

If you’re missing a summer of sitting in a field, or more to the point a leaky tent, watching a band, whilst slightly sozzled on overpriced cider, then I hope my review of Leeds Festival 2010 which is now online, will cheer your overworked and underpaid souls. The very lovely Sam Bennett provided the cracking photography.

Counterfeit Magazine were good enough to wangle my press pass for this one, so in their true spirit you won’t find any main stage shenanigans. It’s all about the new noises and relatively unknown bands that played. In fact I beat my own record of 27 bands in a festival (which I set at Leeds last year – and I went as a punter!), so unless you’re even more addicted to live music than me, you should find some new names to get excited about. Just remember where you heard about them first ok?

NoTiTLE issue 29 - Freshers' Issue 2010

Also out this month is my interview with Wild Beasts for NoTiTLE Magazine. I chatted to Tom & Ben from the band about how being in Leeds has helped them develop their career, as well as about other exciting things like being Mercury Prize nominated, touring America – and duck molestation. Yes. Nothing but the most important issues covered here. See the full article in print, along with more stuff on cracking Leeds talent, in the latest issue of No-TiTLE – available for free in all sorts of lovely pubs & bars in Leeds this month, including Carpe Diem, Verve, and The Brudenell. Or click the pics below to read ’em in big.

Wild Beasts Page 1 - for the squinters amongst you

Page 2. Don't hurt your eyeballs now... Click for bigger!


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